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Anteater Baja Racing SAE 2022

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Anteater Baja Racing SAE 2022

Donate to help the Anteater Baja Racing Team manufacture their 2022 Baja SAE competition vehicle!

Our team is aiming to raise $6,000 to fund the materials, parts, and tools required to build our 2022 vehicle, Vandal II. The vehicle will feature UCI's first-ever 4WD system and will compete at the 2022 intercollegiate Baja SAE competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Your contribution will help bring this design to life and lead the team to victory!

Vandal II is a single seat, off-road race car inspired by Baja and SCORE racing. A team of 28 engineering students participate in design, manufacturing and testing while developing relevant engineering skills necessary to excel in highly-technical, fast-paced and competitive environments. The team collectively spends over 10,000 hours each year developing the car and its integrated subsystems.

The hands-on training, communication and management skills, and full-cycle design process involved in Baja SAE prepares engineering students for success in numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, electrical, software and more. The SAE intercollegiate design series is recognized by industry experts as an extremely valuable experience that sets students apart early in their career for their demonstrated hard work and commitment.

Baja Fall 2021 Team  The team is made up of five subteams: Project Management, Chassis & Ergonomics, Suspension & Steering, Brakes & Human Interface, and Powertrain.

Project Management: The project managers on the team generally work with the chief to oversee team progress and timeline with objectives and milestones. Additionally they manage sponsorships, use social media and the official Baja website for marketing and promoting, assign weekly assignments to members, and they develop effective ways of documentation to be passed onto future Baja teams and standardize clear and effective fundraising procedures. 

Project managers: Elin Alexan, Yavin Evenich, & Allison Eiler. 

Social Media Post in Official Anteater Baja Racing Account Chassis & Ergonomics: The chassis is the physical structure of the car, serving as the skeleton to support all other subsystems and components. The chassis sub-team's objective is to design, manufacture, and verify a lightweight yet robust chassis with proper triangulation that protects the driver at all times.

Subteam Leader: Claudia Flores & Alan Diaz


Redesigned Vandal II Chassis 

Suspension & Steering: This subteam is responsible for the application of vibrations, force analysis, and more concepts to design an effective front and rear suspension setup to keep the vehicle in contact with the ground and provide total control over vehicle trajectory to be able to withstand the harsh environments of off-road competition and recreational driving. In Baja SAE, this plays a crucial role of ensuring that the vehicle is both maneuverable and capable of working in rough and dynamic terrain. To elaborate, the vehicle needs to traverse over large rocks, downed logs, mud holes, steep inclines, jumps, and off-camber turns.

Subteam Leader: David Bazan & Bevan Chiu

Rear Suspension Travel 

Brakes & Human Interface: The brakes system is critical to vehicle safety and is responsible for meeting three key design requirements: ensure the vehicle is able to lock all four tires from a speed of 30 mph; effectively distribute braking force between the front and rear; design and manufacture necessary mounting hardware to attach the brake system to the vehicle. The other responsibility of this subteam is to ensure drivers of all heights could be able to driver comfortably and can exit the vehicle quickly in emergencies. 

Subteam Leader: Evan Woo 

Current Pedal Box Mass 

Powertrain: Members of this team are responsible for selecting the appropriate gear reduction for high acceleration and torque performance with the mandated Briggs & Stratton Engine. Powertrain is also responsible for the selection of axles that can handle the system's torque output and the linkage system used to engage the vehicle's 4WD system (drive shaft/chain and differentials). 

Subteam Leader: Sean Aguilar  


Vandal I Engine 


About BAJA SAE Annual International Competition

Baja SAE is a SAE Collegiate Design Series event that will feature student teams representing 100 universities across the world. Baja SAE competitions are overseen by a dedicated group of industry professionals and involve technical and safety inspections to ensure rules compliance for each system, presentations for teams to discuss their designs with industry professionals, and dynamic events in which students race their cars for direct comparison in several performance categories: Acceleration, Maneuverability, Hill Climb, Suspension, and Endurance. Each presentation and event scores points for the overall competition.

Anteater Racing’s best overall finish in a Baja SAE competition was 20th place at Baja SAE California.

Baja SAE Arizona 2021 Competition Highlights

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