Paul Merage School of Business – DLC Grant Initiative

Paul Merage School of Business – DLC Grant Initiative

Here at The Paul Merage School of Business, our faculty, staff and community are dedicated to providing students with a world-class education that is tied to the needs of today’s digitally driven industries. Our students go on to become scholars and leaders who use their education to solve challenges across business sectors globally, and make us proud through their intellectual endeavors, ambitious goals, dedication to growth and innovative spirit - all qualities needed to lead and inspire. 

Thus, it is our goal to decrease and eventually remove limitations and obstacles that our diverse student population faces during their academic journey. To this end, during the previous academic year, the Dean’s Leadership Circle (DLC) launched the inaugural Grant Initiative. Through this initiative, student and faculty-led programs secure funding for projects that generate campus resources, experiential learning opportunities, and research collaborations that create impacts beyond the classroom. By supporting the DLC Grant Initiative, you can directly support our students’ academic and professional growth as they prepare to make meaningful impacts both locally and globally. 

Through the DLC Grant Initiative, you and all our generous supporters can impact students in broad project areas such as research support, career preparedness, business community partnership, diversity, equity & inclusion, and student experience/services. Last year, the DLC Grant Initiative awarded 15 Merage School organizations with a total of $40,000 in grants. These funds supported critical programmatic areas, including student scholarship offerings, keynote speakers for career fairs and networking events, materials for organized volunteer partnerships with Orange County charities, as well as robust digital platforms to deliver mission-driven work to larger audiences.  

This year, and with your help, we not only want to keep the momentum, but we would like to increase our support of our most deserving students and their innovative projects. Our grantees and those impacted by their grant projects express the importance of funding through their own notes of gratitude:  

“Here at the Merage Real Estate Association, having the opportunity to give out scholarships to those at Merage in need of financial assistance has been extremely gratifying and has allowed us to give back to REA students in a way that would not have been possible without the DLC grant. Your commitment to bettering the lives of students within Merage is clearly distinguishable, and we would like to thank you again for turning our recipients’ dream into a reality.” Melissa Kang, Merage School - Real Estate Association (REA) 

“On behalf of the Human Resources Management Association, I’d like to say thank you for the opportunity to expand our resources and connect with more students from the grant. We were able to continue in the process of becoming SHRM affiliated. Without having to worry about funding for some of our most impactful and important outlets of communication, the executive board was able to focus on giving our full attention to our members.” Tiffany Than, Merage School - Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) President, 2021-22 

As our friends and supporters, you have continuously fueled growth and goodwill here at the Merage School by supporting the students and organizations that work diligently to enhance their educational experience, and for that we are beyond grateful. We invite you to consider continuing your investment in our students and the future generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.  

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