Paul Merage School of Business – Scholarships and Fellowships

By The Paul Merage School of Business

Paul Merage School of Business – Scholarships and Fellowships

The Paul Merage School of Business frames the opportunities and challenges within today’s business world and anticipates future trends by bringing tomorrow’s leaders and changemakers - our students - into the discussion.  

Our students receive a state-of-the-art business education and are trained to provide solutions to challenges that businesses are facing globally. We are proud to offer innovative research opportunities and an immersive curriculum for student cohorts who are highly intellectual, ambitious, dedicated and driven - all qualities needed to catalyze world-class leadership.  

Thus, it is our goal to decrease and eventually remove limitations and obstacles that our diverse student population faces during their academic journey and further tie their education to industry needs. With 37% of our students claiming low-income status, 15% from underrepresented minority groups, and 46% first in their family to attend college, our aim is to reduce their financial burden by awarding their hard work. With less economic concern, they are emboldened to surpass their academic goals and step into their potential as industry innovators.  
During the previous school year more than 30 of our students received scholarships and fellowships - thanks to our donors. We invite you to join this great cause and change the lives of today’s students and tomorrow’s business leaders.  

Mauricio Guzman '21
B.A. Business Administration

 “Your generous contribution to my academic endeavors helped me overcome my financial barriers. As I complete my undergraduate degree, I am extremely blessed and thankful to receive such an amazing gift from you. My past and present life have been a tough ride, but coming from a household with nothing, I learned to value all things in life. Your generosity has inspired me to come back one day to the community of the Merage School and give back.” 

As our friends and supporters, you have continuously fueled growth and goodwill here at the Merage School and for that we are beyond grateful. By giving to the Merage School, you provide funding that directly supports deserving students and augments the costs associated with their studies. 

We invite you to continue your investment in our school, students and the future generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

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