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UCI HyperXite

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UCI HyperXite

HyperXite is F.A.S.T.

Future of Affordable and Sustainable Transportation 

Award Winning Design

HyperXite is a team of undergraduate students on a mission to revolutionize the transportation industry. Our team has been competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition for the last 11 months. After a series of eight complete redesigns, three UC Irvine Design Reviews, and two SpaceX Design Reviews, we have designed something revolutionary.  During Design Weekend, our team received 5th place in “Overall Pod Design” out of 120 teams from 27 countries. Out of the top 5 teams, HyperXite is the only team from California. We are also the only team in the top 5 to utilize air based levitation. We earned this award after a panel of SpaceX engineers and professors critically examined our comprehensive design packet, visited the team's poster session, and listened to a 20-minute presentation with a 10-minute question and answer section. 

Out of the 120 teams who attended Design Weekend, 30 have qualified for the final round, Competition Weekend, which will take place from January 27-29, 2017. Competition Weekend, to be held in Hawthorn, CA, will feature a 1-mile section of test Hyperloop track on which we will be testing our half scale pod. There are two ways to win during Competition Weekend. One way is to have the highest point total based on criteria that has been specified by SpaceX such as safety, build quality, and comfort of ride. The second way to win is to have the fastest travel time on the 1-mile track. We are shooting to win both and need your help to finish building our pod. All aboard! 

Aerospace Quality Manufacturing 

Lead Power System Engineer, Bander Linjawi, soldering some of the pod's electrical components 

HyperXite is building a half scale prototype Hyperloop pod. This pod will be tested in a 1-mile section of track this January at the final round of this international competition. This is a crucial first step toward a full scale Hyperloop system. Our pod, unlike most others in this competition, utilizes air based levitation. This unique levitation technology has the potential to dramatically increase the efficiency of future Hyperloops. We have manufactured roughly 65% of the pod to date and we only need about $10,000 to finish! If we surpass our goal of $10,000, we will use any extra funds to improve upon the quality of our hardware, to make the pod lighter and faster.




Project Cost: $140,000




USEED Goal: $10,000








Pie chart showing the primary costs of the HyperXite project

The Big Picture

Ansys Fluent simulation of the HyperXite fuselage traveling through a Hyperloop tube at 220 miles per hour

Key Points

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Autonomous 
  • Safe
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Economical 

Hyperloops will do for cities what the internet did for information. They have the potential to disrupt our mindsets, stimulate the economy, and inspire a generation! They will completely change the way we think about cities, jobs, and relationships. Imagine reconnecting with old friends 350 miles away while you are taking your lunch break. Imagine living in Los Angeles and working in San Francisco with a stress free, safe, and reliable commute. This is our vision and our motivation. Full scale functional Hyperloops are being developed by at least two professional organizations. Riding a Hyperloop will eventually be as ordinary as flying on a plane...without the turbulence.


  1. Accelerate the development of a full scale Hyperloop system
  2. Win first place in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition


  1. Design and build a half scale Hyperloop pod that utilizes an air based levitation system to be tested on a 1-mile-long test track
  2. Educate and train students in advanced manufacturing, simulation, and design
  3. Form partnerships with industry professionals and organizations
  4. Test all systems independently before installing them on the pod
  5. Test system as an integrated unit prior to competition weekend 



Our project has helped students bridge the gap between academia and industry by giving them experience with state of the art design, simulation, manufacturing, and testing. HyperXite is able to go above and beyond the scope of typical senior design projects only with the help of partners like you, who have provided us with funding, in kind services, products, and guidance.


The HyperXite Team  

HyperXite receiving the coveted Deans Choice Award presented by Dean Gregory Washington 

Something brilliant happens when a group of motivated engineers set their sights on a goal. Last year, HyperXite was mere four members, now we are 40 strong and thriving thanks to the support we have received from our school, advisers, and the engineering community. 

The HyperXite Team and our adviser, Professor Roger Rangel Outside of Engineering Gateway, UC Irvine Campus

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