2024 UCI Solar Car Engineering

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Help Us Power UCI's First Solar Race Car!

About Us:

We are the UCI Solar Car Project (ZotSun), a student-run interdisciplinary team of 50 undergraduates from the University of California, Irvine with a passion for innovative engineering and sustainability. Our mission is to revolutionize zero-emission transportation. We are building a solar car to compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix of 2025, a race designed to determine the most efficient and aerodynamic solar-powered vehicles.

Figure 1. Solar Car Group Photo


Our Progress:

We began in 2016 with an extracurricular club of 17 students. We had no prior knowledge but shared an ambition to impact the world and an enthusiasm for renewable energy. Our alumni have worked tenaciously engineering our prototype EV, which will be used for performance testing and additional prototyping. This past quarter, our mechanical and electrical teams have been diligently working on the design of our first competition car, also named ZotSun.

Our Goal:

Building a high-performance solar car is one challenging feat. We need your support to secure the resources necessary to make our countless hours of dedicated work come to life. Our goal is to participate in the 2025 Formula Sun Grand Prix, a lap race where each solar car attempts to complete as many laps as possible across three days, and the 2026 American Solar Challenge, a 2,000-mile race across the United States. These competitions will challenge our engineering skills and creativity while showcasing the boundless potential of solar technology.


Figure 2. Formula Sun Grand Prix


Your contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to the finish line. We will use these donations to acquire high-grade materials and specialized tools:

  • High-efficiency solar technology: State-of-the-art cells act as the heart of our car. Its high efficiency allows our car to propel us forward.
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight materials: Every gram matters in a solar car race. We need the best materials to maximize our efficiency.
  • Specialized tools and equipment: From angle grinders to soldering irons, we will need a variety of tools to bring our design to life.
  • Competition fees and travel expenses: Racing across the country takes resources, and your support will take us to the starting line.


Your donation not only helps fulfill our dream of bringing UCI to the solar car racing stage but is an investment towards the next generation of engineers who are trailblazing a new and brighter tomorrow!

All contributions make a difference. You can also help by sharing our stories with family and friends or following us on social media.

Visit our website https://www.ucisolarcar.org/ to learn more!

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Sensors & Safety

Thank you so much! This tier helps us meet our goal for sensor and safety component costs. We will be able to assemble our low-voltage system with 30 donations!


Solar Cells

Thank you for your gift! This tier allows us to meet our goal of 300 cells! Every donation helps us purchase 5 cells.



Thank you for the generous donation! This tier purchases one piece of metal tubing. We need 16 to create our chassis!


Braking System

Thank you for making a difference! With 10 donations, we will be able to acquire all components for our entire braking system!



We appreciate your kindness! This tier contributes to our suspension assembly. We need 20 donations to be able to build this entire system!


Solar MPPT

We cherish your support! This tier helps us purchase MPPT. Each MPPT costs $1,000 and we need 5. This allows our car to power the electrical system efficiently and protect our solar array!


FSGP Competition

It means the world to us knowing that you believe in us so much! The entry cost to race is $10,000. With 10 donations, we will have enough to register our hard work and all your kind donations!

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