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Anteater Formula Racing 2022

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Anteater Formula Racing 2022

Donate to help Anteater Formula Racing’s engineers build their 2022 Formula SAE race car! Our goal is to raise $10,000 to buy parts, tools, and materials to build our newly-designed vehicle which will help bring us the best results as of yet in our international collegiate competition.

About Formula SAE:

Formula SAE California 2022 is a SAE Collegiate Design Series event that will feature student teams representing 75 universities across the world. FSAE competitions are overseen by a dedicated group of industry professionals and involve technical and safety inspections to ensure rules compliance for each system, presentations for teams to discuss their designs with industry professionals, and dynamic events in which students race their cars for direct comparison in several performance categories: Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, Endurance, and Efficiency. Each presentation and event scores points for the overall competition. 

2021-2022 Anteater Formula Racing Team Picture

About Anteater Formula Racing:

Anteater Formula Racing is building an open-wheel, internal-combustion race car inspired by Formula 1 and IndyCar racing to compete at Formula SAE California in June 2022. We administer 47 engineering students to participate in the design, manufacturing, and testing phases of the vehicle to gain the engineering skills needed for an industry that is highly-technical and fast-paced, and with a competitive environment. The team collectively spends over 10,000 man-hours each year developing the car and its subsystems, alongside engineering coursework. Anteater Formula Racing’s best overall finish in a FSAE competition is 19th at Formula SAE Lincoln (Nebraska). 

Manufactured Parts Bought with Team Funds: Hubs and Uprights

Build for the Future:

Engineering students earn jobs in several industries, including automotive, aerospace, electrical, software, and more because of the hands-on training, communication and management skills, and design-to-reality experience that is gained directly from competing in Formula SAE. It is considered by industry experts to be an essential part of any new engineer’s resume. Learn more about our sub-teams in Anteater Formula Racing and what they do:

Master of 2021-2022 "Peter the Pavement Eater" Race Car

Aerodynamics: Designs the front and rear wings, bodywork, and diffuser to manipulate air flow to reduce drag and increase downforce using experience in fluid mechanics. The subteam tests their designs by developing computer flow simulations, wind tunnel testing, and on-track testing. 

Chassis: Designs the single, rigid structure that mounts all other subsystems using computer-aided design software. This subteam balances the requirements of every system in a condensed, weight-minimizing package that protects the driver. 

Suspension: Connects the chassis to the road using shocks, dampers, control arms and more. The suspension subteam constantly tunes to create the handling characteristics that help the driver achieve faster run times.

PowertrainAdapts a standard motorcycle engine for a FSAE car by designing and manufacturing intake, exhaust and cooling components. It uses knowledge in thermodynamics and engine tuning software to create custom engine tunes that improve reliability, power and efficiency. 

Electronics: Designs the wiring harness that connects all onboard data systems, including engine management information, and displays it on a MoTeC digital display. It also collects data from dozens of onboard sensors for future analysis.

Human Interface: Makes sure that all drivers are comfortable and safe in the car, allowing them to get the most out of the performance of the vehicle. As well as designing a brakes system that stops the car as quickly as possible. This subteam includes the shifters, steering wheel, seat belt, the reservoirs, master cylinders, calipers, and rotors, which are designed using computer-aided engineering software.

Vehicle Dynamics: Programs a custom simulator and utilizes professional-level sim software to run lap time simulations for AFR’s Formula SAE vehicles. Analyzes simulation results to predict performance and validate design decisions with the goal of achieving maximum points in the Formula SAE Dynamic Events.

We strive for our project to give engineering students the opportunity to learn about professional engineering practices and to prepare for their future in the workplace as they apply their knowledge and skills to understand and solve real-world problems.

Anteater Formula Racing Logo

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little better. Every donation counts, and to show our appreciation, we will be including your name on our car if you choose to do so.

Contact Information:

For inquiries about donations and sponsorship, reach out to the Marketing Manager, Maxwell Blocker, at

For inquiries about the project or other information, reach out to the Project Manager, Nicole Weston, at

To learn more about our project, head over to our website and our Instagram @anteaterformularacing.

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Wow! Thank you so much. Your support is absolutely pivotal for us in the production of our car. Due to our inability to have complex items machined in-house, a donation of this size would allow us to have parts machined by external companies and buy spare parts for testing or in case of breakage. A donation this size could also cover travel expenses of our crucial members to the competition in Michigan, allowing for more hands on deck during competition.

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